On the night he decided to end his life, a young teenager depressed and alone heard a
soft voice ask him "will you live for me?" He visualized himself lying dead on the kitchen
floor and the pain his family would feel when they found him. He visualized a man he
learned about as a child. A man who died on a cross and rose again just so he could
live. This caused him to decide to not forfeit his future. He replied to the voice, "yes, I will
live for you." Now, with a passion to help people around the world with a message of
hope, Tyrone 'TDG' Gordon has become a true renaissance man as a recording artist,
singer, rapper, producer, beat-boxer, choir director, actor, and graphic artist.

 Starting from his home town Austin, Texas, TDG has performed in various cities
throughout the U.S. and Canada. His song "The Choice Is Yours (with Smiley-D)" was
#1 on the UnTapped Show Top 5 countdown on the radio for three months straight. In
Spring of 2012 he performed at the Austin Urban Music Festival, sharing the stage with
Boyz II Men, Babyface, and After7. As an actor, TDG has been featured in various
television shows and films such as the Emmy Nominated "Friday Night Lights" series
(2006-2010) on NBC, "The Lying Game" (2011-2012) on ABC Family, "Man of The
House" (2005) and "Two For Texas" (1998).

 TDG began singing in church at the age of two and began songwriting at the age of
nine. With various musical influences and a lyrical focus based on Biblical principals,
TDG wrote, produced, and published his first album, 'WHOL-E', in 2004. He followed
with his second album 'FOCUS' in 2008, which included the single 'The Best Book
(BIBLE),' a song has taught people around the world how to recite the books of the Bible.
TDG is also a member of Psalm Fresh, an eclectic acoustic band that fuses classical
strings with beat-box and positive rap. From 2009 to 2011, TDG signed with Tate Music
Group and has released his current album 'Live It To The Fullest.'

 With a heart for people who suffer from depression and suicide, TDG strives to be a
positive role model and an encouraging voice in the community and entertainment
industry. 'Live It To The Fullest,' introduces a positive perspective in a new genre, he
calls WHOL-E Music, that mixes rap, rock, pop, beat-box and soul with the Gospel of
Christ to mend broken hearts and become whole for eternity. TDG explains, "Popular
music and culture is missing a positive component that actually helps people when they
listen to it. In all that I do, I strive to help change lives for the better. The world is missing
the love of Christ. Each song can help people see His love and grow closer to Him."

 Now as an independent artist, TDG has released a new Christian Rock single with
California producer, K Nikolas, titled 'Last Known Address' on iTunes. Also released on
iTunes is the soulful acoustic version of 'The Best Book (BIBLE)' song with SaulPaul.
TDG has also released a Christian Rap single with Oklahoma rapper, Smiley-D, titled
'The Choice Is Yours' available on Amazon. See the official videos for these songs at

 Not only is he a musical artist, but TDG is also a visual artist. As a native Austinite, he
has contributed to the Austin community with his visual artistry for over 15 years. He has
won  numerous Gold and Silver keys from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, Blue
Ribbons  from the  Austin Rodeo and Fair,  VASE Awards and many other awards for his
art. Outstanding pieces of his artwork have been exhibited in galleries from the Austin
Museum of Art, to New York.  

 TDG was a instructor for the Hip-Hop Songwriting class for the Grounded In Music
program at the East Side Boys & Girls Club in Spring and Fall of 2009. He is also the
choir director of the Cottonwood Choirs in Del Valle, Texas. TDG has produced and
written songs for the Cottonwood Choirs and various Texas artists. In 2008, he began
SERVICE TRACKS, an instrumental service for churches that don't have live musicians.

 As the owner of
 TDG ARTWORK AND GRAPHICS, he has drawn many life-like portraits
for people in the Austin community. As a graphic artist, he has used his visual creative
skills to create logos for Austin businesses, as well as designs for his CD covers and
website. In
WHOL-E WEAR, he offers creative T- shirt designs for individuals and
organizations. This multi-talented artist also holds a Bachelors of Arts Degree from
Huston-Tillotson University in Mass Communication.

 TDG began playing percussion instruments in 1991. From 1996 till 2000, TDG
performed with an Austin "a-capella and beatbox " quartet called V.I.P. (Voices Inspiring
People). VIP achieved several awards including first place for best group in the
Jam-A-Thon competition two years in a row during the Pecan Street Festivals in Austin,
Texas.  From 1997 till 1998 he was a tenor in the a-capella choir NWAYC (North West
Austin Youth Choir). One of NWAYC's highlights was opening for Shirley Ceaser in San
Antonio. For his love of creating rhythms and beats from being as a percussionist,  TDG
began producing on his first beat machine in 1998 and later with studio software in
2000. In the same year, he joined a ministry called Rescue Squad and formed Squad
Life with several members who performed at Austin events till 2003. As a solo artist,
TDG has been featured on records with Texas artists such as SaulPaul, Denzil, Lil
Johnny, Myrage, g. LeDaris, Wally Wall, and Public Offenders. He has also produced for
artists such as Denzil, Double Blessings, and Dallas rapper Slim Cross.